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I know I’ve been away on the blog lately. For those who follow me on instagram ( yes the account is private, but I mostly accept if you don’t look creepy and accept me as well), you might have noticed that I was away. Out of the city I mean. 

Yes, I had the fabulous chance to visit the Polynesian islands of Hawaii. In fact, I visited Big Island and Oahu. It’s been incredible really and I would return back if I could, but I would visit new islands that I didn’t do before. It was my first real trip with my husband ( because group camping doesn’t count right? ) and it was quite something. I think you really get to know one person once you travel with it and not when you get to live together. That’s my personal opinion..anyway won’t talk about this boring subject here. What about my trip? Yeaaa, I’ve always wanted to have a travel blog before, but I wasn’t traveling that much haha so if God willing maybe one day.

For those interested, the best and my worst stories will be posted here on the blog. 

Oh before I forget, the picture above is a spinner dolphin jumping out of the water. Unfortunately, it’s the best shot I could get..but still beautiful no?

Dahka Band - Hal Denya (Official World Music Video)

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One of my biggest hike :)

Not so bad :)

Not so bad :)

Ootn inspired : pineapple / En mode ananas

Ootn inspired : pineapple / En mode ananas

Finally getting some dragon fruit !! #hamdulilah

Finally getting some dragon fruit !! #hamdulilah

While back ago,

My friends and I saw this huge blog post on a trendy website in Montreal. It talked about a cafe with a terrace and it said all sort of thing to make us go. So obviously we went …and what a disappointment. I am not telling you to beware of blogs and their reviews..haha since mine does the same sometimes, but just pay close attention to those blog with trillions of ads on the side and very popular posts on your facebook feed *cough cough* mtlblog.

 From now on, every time I see titles such as Best spots in Mtl, Coffee Crawls to do in Montreal or The places you need to visit in Montreal, I will start questioning the point of the article.

 As you can see we only took appetizers because the food didn’t look that great and because it was expensive. We started to be so judgmental over the food there because we were so hungry and expecting something cool ( because the blog said it was).. haha what fools we are, believing anything on the internet.

However it was really fun even though we were still hungry. 

Thank Café Bistro, see you never.

Paths to the Divine (2014)

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How to find the best local coffee/ Bakery places in NYC

Remember I went to NYC for the long weekend? 

Obviously, I couldn’t stay in Manhattan and not taste local pastries in a nice coffee place. Honestly, I didn’t have time to search for one on google, so my friends and I ended up asking someone on the street. And you know how New Yorkers are so friendly ( I am not even joking, it’s true !). Well, we were walking in the Upper West Side and I spotted a guy walking his dog , and in my head it was it, it was definitely a local from the upper. 

You know what, I was right haha. He was talking so fast and said to us: ” Yes walk this side and in 3 streets ( or something like that, I can’t remember exactly) you’ll find a very famous bakery called Levain. 

  • First, note to yourself , I don’t hear very well. I understood Levine, but this is a totally another story like the time when we were walking in SoHo ,and asked for other nice shops. The lady was like yea walk toward ”Naw” and Broadway. Eh ”Naw” ? Umm more like Knot Street, thank you.

To get back to my little bakery story, I have some pictures below !! image

It’s LEVAIN, not Levine. However, very authentic place !!


Their entry. So local, so hipster, so New York.


Inside of the bakery. It’s so little, it’s so cute. They do the best scones, I didn’t know that until we bought one. And some other pastries, but the scones are just delicious and the best. I regret I didn’t take more.


Best I ever had so far !! The worst is that we didn’t know what to expect so when this thing was in my mouth…it was just…magical.  


Took coffee and pastries to central park and relax. Basically, my favorite activity in life.




Our view.


Please do let me know if you go there. I would like to know your impression of the place :) 

Forest Blue

I know that my blog titles are the worst.Like seriously ” Forest Blue”? I have no imagination at all. However, I know you don’t mind because I have pretty pictures to show you. For those who like more my reviews on places or books, it is coming don’t worry. With Ramadan, I didn’t have time to read some good books, but will definitely get at it soon. 

For now, I let you with those pictures :) 




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